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March 2021

03/03/21 – Boston Public Library: Author Talks Series

Author Dorothy M. Keeney shared the story of Annie McKay, Boston’s first school nurse, and the critical role that early 19th and 20th-century nurses played managing disease prevention and providing access to public education.

October 2020

10/06/20 – South End Library. Online Event.

Author Dorothy M. Keeney shared the story of Annie McKay, Boston’s first school nurse, with the audience at this well-attended virtual event.



Annie McKay was Indeed Remarkable, but there is So Much More to the Story
Exceeded my expectations. Far more than the very brave life of Annie McKay.

This very carefully researched story of the first school nurse brings to light not only her story, but the story of women’s lives thru those years and the importance of nursing to the health, welfare and education of the communities in which they knew and worked.

School nurses were the ones with knowledge, caring, and wisdom who defended, documented and succeeded in achieving their goals, all while fighting for equal pay and recognition of their work from numerous groups, governmental agencies, and power brokers. No easy task.

The remarkable life Annie McKay and her endurance and the perseverance of nurses from all walks of life to participate and improve the lives of others.

Yes I read every page and frequently looked at the citations. And I thoroughly enjoyed the wit and story telling abilities of the author to bring what could have been a dull story, into a story I wanted to read and know.

~ justmaybe ( reviewer – 5 Stars)

Reflecting on Current Times

Annie McKay represents the first of amazing women and first responders that addressed our nation’s schools and healthcare head on.

If you are fascinated with history of nursing, early development of Boston, post World War II, disease management, women leaders, school history, then this book is right for you.

A careful study and terrific book.

~ MW ( reviewer – 5 stars)

Fun and Informative to Read

This is a wonderful book about not only the life of Annie McKay but the whole history of school nurses and especially in Boston!

The research on this was incredible and it was fun and informative to read!

~ KFP ( reviewer – 5 stars)

Boston School Nurse History

Thank you for your determination to produce this gem.

~ Deborah Moreschi-Sisco, RN, BSN, M.Ed, NCSN, MS (Boston School Nurse)

A Definite Keeper for Historians

Excellent and well timed historical telling of the first school nurse in Boston, written by an experienced Boston school nurse.

A definite keeper for historians.

~ C. ( reviewer – 5 stars)